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I need any advice you could give on what is the best flooring choice for us. I want to replace the carpet in our living room. We replaced the carpet in our old home with laminate and we were happy, but I am not sure this time as we have engineered hardwood in our dinning room and foyer. The specifics. We have children a 2 year old and a baby. We don't eat in the living room, so spilling has not been an issue, well unless it was my husbands fault. We also have two dogs, a small and medium size. They have not really scratched the engineered hardwood in the other areas. They have had accidents before, but they only have those on carpet. Other flooring should stop that issue. We don't want tile or LVT. Tile is just to cold and hard on your feet, at least for me. My husband is totally against LVT. I guess it is just hard to change peoples opinion about linoleum. It is about 340sq and I live in North Carolina. I don't want to spend over $3.50sq for the flooring. I realize that it will not last 20 years and that is ok. With 2 children and 2 dogs I do not except it too. Soooo the question is, Does someone have a brand of laminate, engineered hardwood and or bamboo that they would recommend. There are so many options and everyone seems to put down everyone elses product and I am finding it hard to get a straight answer. Oh we have Bruce engineered hardwood in the other areas of the house, but it is about $5sq and that is too much for us to spend and I am not sure I want that color in the living room. Thank you for your suggestions and time. I am looking forward to real answers.
Category: Flooring Post By: THELMA GREENE (Pompano Beach, FL), 02/07/2019

hi beth come on in get cumffy--you of course have started your search with the most classic and difficult question of all time--what is the best flooring?-----------the answer of course is ----it depends---------it depends on what you want from your flooring------they all have advantages and disadvantages and you need to ask yourself what you want from it-------for instance if you want the most durable--the answer is ceramic tile---hands down--a properly installed tile floor can out last your house---the most popular?--hardwood--------the softest? carpet---------the most waterproof? sheet vinyl-------there are lots of subsets of each of these but thats the big picture----as far as my advice----it seems to me you have kids--pets and a mostly house trained spouse--i would probablly go with a multicolored carpet because of the kids---they are young and might fall a bit---accidents will happen and there will be less of an investment when they destroy it---as for laminates quickstep is my fave--good luck with your hunting

- Dustin Darton (West Palm Beach, FL), 04/12/2019

Good advice, rugaddict. Carpet is always a good choice for young kids. They need a soft landing. I can only magine how much damage my grandkids and their dog would do to laminate.

- MARGIE RAMSEY (Laguna Niguel, CA), 05/04/2019

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