How to Choose a Carpet Installer

Directory Listing Of technicians - Service Consultant Blogs - Why would he do the job for half the cost? Chances are, he doesn’t grasp the full scope of the work, or he has burned so many bridges in the flooring industry that doing shoddy work out of the back of a van is the only way he can support himself. . If you find an installer on Craig’s List claiming he can perform your installation for half of what everyone else charges, you should run away from that installer as fast as you can ..More

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Five Ways to Update Your Bathroom for Under $500

Best Local commercial contractors - Resources & Guides - Repair, Maintenance & installation - Not only will your new commode use less water than your current model, but it will also pay for itself in less than two years time. . With proper planning, a few wrenches, a new wax ring, and a new supply line, you can install a new toilet for less than $200 ..More

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Five Ways Using Vinegar around the House will Simplify Your Life

List Of contractors - Service Repairman Forums - Ask any DIYer how much money they’ve spent on their tools and you will understand why nobody wants to see rust forming on wrenches. . You can remove rust from your hand-tools by filling a shallow plastic container with white vinegar and leaving it in a well-ventilated space overnight (preferably outdoors, away from the elements). When you return to your tools the following morning, wipe them down with a clean rag, and they will be rust-free ..More

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How to Clean Wood Flooring, the Right Way

Best Local contractors - Technician Blog Pages - Whatever the case may be, having hardwood flooring installed isn’t exactly cheap, so it is in your best interest to protect your investment by cleaning and maintaining your wood floors the correct way. ..More

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Asthma and Allergy-friendly Flooring

Find best 10 master contractors - Forum - Ask A Question - There are two primary schools of thought as to which flooring is best for allergy sufferers; those who believe carpet improves indoor air quality by trapping contaminants for later removal via vacuuming and hot-water extraction, and those who believe carpet harbors more contaminants than hard-surface flooring. . Both arguments have merit, but neither argument is foolproof ..More

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